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We offer drop-in sessions and classes for anyone aged 1 to adults, and all abilities. To find out which is most suitable for you or your child please click on the classes below to find out more details.

ALL participants (other than Gym Joeys Play) require British Gymnastics membership. See Here.

pre-school gymnastics
Pre-School Gym

Fun sessions and classes for children aged 1 to 5. Develop motor and social skills and learn the basics of gymnastics.

General Gymnastics
Recreational Gym

After school gymnastics classes for children in Reception to age 16. A great way to get exercise and build confidence.
Beginner & Advanced.
Freestyle Gymnastics
Freestyle Gym

Learn acrobatic skills required for Parkour and Freerunning, Tricking, Breakdance and Streetdance, etc.
Acro Gymnastics
Acro Gymnastics

Performing balances, lifts, throws, catches and other gymnastics skills while working with a partner.
Adults Gym
Adult Gymnastics

Sessions for everyone over 16 years. A fun way to exercise and learn something new.
Squad Gymnastics
Squad Gymnastics

Our squad gymnasts compete in General Floor and Vault at county and regional level competitions.
Additional Needs

Gymnastics has huge benefits for children with disabilities. Regis has a track record of inclusivity at all levels.


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