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Freestyle Gymnastics

Freestyle Gymnastics

freestyleFreestyle Gymnastics is an umbrella term for a variety of acrobatic-based activities including Free Running, Parkour, Tricking, B-Boys and Breakdancing. If you are interested in any of these then Freestyle Gymnastics enables you to learn the skills in a controlled environment with a qualified coach. We have Open Drop-In sessions and Structured Classes (see below)

Open Gym/Freestyle (age 10+)

£5 per session. Sessions are on Fridays from 8-9pm. Spaces are limited, desk does NOT open before 7:30pm. Please make sure you wait quietly.

When attending please be reminded that you are bound by the House Rulesand please bring the Membership Form with you to your first session - If under 16 we will require a membership form countersigned by a parent/guardian to be brought to the first session, or for a parent to attend to complete this on the night.

Please note that photos and filming are allowed during open sessions and we cannot be held responsible for distribution of images captured by third party participants.

NOTE: All Freestyle participants will require British Gymnastics membership after their first session See Here.

Structured Classes

Freestyle (age 6-15)
Mondays 5-6pm
Learn the basics of jumping, landing and vaulting, build on skills including somersaulting and ariels. The class includes weekly conditioning to build strength and fitness.


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