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party tableWe offer a range of parties that cater for all ages and abilities. Our packages are listed below, but we may be able to offer some flexibility on timings if you would prefer a longer party.

Please note we do not offer food as a part of our After Party Space package, but we can provide tables and chairs and access to our small kitchen area with kettle, microwave and fridge. Alternatively there are several fast food restaurants less than five minutes away.

We are able to supply invitations, and we request that these are used as they contain important information for participants and parents.

Gym Joeys Party (1 – 5 years) 60 minutes. (under 3s require close parent supervision)
1 coach (up to 12 participants) £110
2 coaches (up to 20 participants) £130
The Gym Joeys party consists of 60 minutes on our apparatus with supervision from our qualified coaches. Content can be adapted for different ages but usually includes a warm up and a parachute game at the end.

Bouncy Gym Party (5+ years) 60 minutes
1 coach (up to 12 participants) £110
2 coaches (up to 20 participants) £130
The Bouncy Gym party is a fun 60 minute gymnastics play using our trampoline, air track, trampettes and other gymnastics equipment equipment.

Freestyle Party (8+ years) 60 minutes
1 coach (up to 14 participants) £125
Freestyle Gymnastics is closely related to Parkour and Free Running and this makes for a unique and memorable party for older children. Participants learn the principles of Freestyle under the guidance of our specialist coach and then have free-play around the gym.

After Party Space (for food and presents) 45 minutes
Tables and chairs provided £30
Use of our kitchen area
Food not supplied


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