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Summer Holiday 2024

Acrobatics & Circus   .  Workshops  .  Holiday Club    Sleepover

Age 5+
£10 per workshop

These 1 hour workshops are for beginners, intermediate and advanced gymnasts. Workshops focus on improving a particular skill, whether grasping the basics of cartwheels or advancing to handsprings, and giving them the foundations on which to continue improving. With a bit of fun time as well of course. Read below for details on the Cartwheels & Roundoffs, Handstands and Aerials & Handsprings workshops and how to book. We aim for a coach:gymnast ratio on no more than 1:6 in these workshops to allow even more focused learning*.

Cartwheels & Roundoffs

Beginners: Work on the basics of hand placement, turning through the cartwheel and landing on your feet.
Improvers: We will help to improve the height of those cartwheels, straighten those legs and stick those landings. Move on to linking cartwheels, 1 arm cartwheels and roundoffs.
Advanced: Turn your solid cartwheel into a 1 arm cartwheel, dive cartwheel and roundoff. Work on the rebound height out of the roundoff and link it to other moves.

Date: 30th July - 4-5pm - £10


Beginners: Work on the basics of hand placement, landing on your feet and improving height and shape.
Improvers: Improve the height of your handstand, it's shape, landing position and transitioning to handstand rolls.
Advanced: Learn different entries into handstand, handstand pirouettes and handstand walking.

Date: 6th August - 4-5pm - £10

Walkovers, Aerials & Handsprings

Pre-requisites for this workshop are good cartwheels and handstands along with a strong bridge (straight arms and ability to jump feet/hold 1 leg up).

Improvers: Improve your bridges and kickovers then start developing those into a back and forward walkovers.
Advanced: In this workshop we will introduce and improve on aerial (no handed) cartwheels, forward and backward handsprings.

Date: 13th August - 4-5pm - £10

To Book: Please CLICK HERE

*While we will do our utmost to improve the participants ability level, results cannot be guaranteed.
**If we judge that a child's ability level is different to that stated then we may put them into a more appropriate group.


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